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Using a mercenary contract, this summons a mercenary allowing players to have an NPC henchman to fight at their side. Players will be able to support, party with, and control a Mercenary. Mercenaries have fixed stats based on the level of Mercenary summoned. A contract is made with a Mercenary and scrolls are used to call them into battle. Both Homunculus and Mercenary can be used by a player at once. Mercenaries are all of the Demi-Human race.


As a player fights along side with Mercenaries, that player can gain Loyalty Points. More points gives the player faster Killcount Bonuses and allows the player to contract higher grade Mercenaries. Number of Loyalty Points is specific to each guild of Mercenaries, so for example if a player gains a large number of points with the Bowman Mercenary Guild, the amount will have no effect on their standing with the Fencer and Spearman Guilds.

The following conditions affect one’s Loyalty Points: Fighting Together with Mercenary When a suitably strong monster is killed by a player (more than ½ the Base Level of the contractor), their Killcount goes up by 1. It doesn’t matter if the player or the Mercenary kills the monster, or if they work together to kill it. For every 50 kill count, they gain one Loyalty Point. Successfully Completing a Contract If a player and their Mercenary successfully survive the full duration of a 30-minute contract, they gain one Loyalty Point. Mercenary Dies If the Mercenary is killed while bound by contract to a player, they lose one Loyalty Point.


As either the player or their Mercenary kills monsters (monsters higher than ½ the Base Level of the contractor), their killcount will increase. At fixed killcount intervals, a Mercenary will receive a temporary random boost to one of their stats. The number of kills required goes down based on the player’s reputation with that Mercenaries guild. The Mercenary can obtain multiple bonuses, which will increase another stat randomly or boost the same one further. There’s a total of 5 increases that can be received to each stat.

Monster Mercenaries still increase killcount reflected in the Mercenary window but do not get any killcount bonuses through the same manner.

Killcount bonuses do not stack, and if a player receives a higher level bonus it will replace the existing bonus of that type.

Types Of Mercenary

  • Fencer
  • Spearman
  • Bowman

Hoping to add

  • Mage
  • cleric