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Category: The World Of SOR:O

Rune-Midgarts Kingdom

The Rune-Midgart’s Kingdom is the main region SOR:O takes place. Rune-Midgart’s Kingdom is over 1,000 years old with a steady history and culture. Prontera is the capital city of Rune-Midgart’s Kingdom.

Locations in the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom

  • Prontera
  • Payon
  • Alberta
  • Morroc
  • Al De Baren
  • Geffen
  • Izlude
  • Umbala
  • Comodo

Republic of Schwarzwald

The Schwarzwald republic is an industrious nation that can often be at odds with the Rune-Midgart’s kingdom. The Schwarzwald republic is approximately 500 years old, formed from the survivors of a great catastrophe.

Locations in the Schwarzwald Republic

  • Einbroch
  • Einbech
  • Lighthalzen
  • Yuno
  • Hugel

Arunafeltz States

Well the Arunafeltz states are not as large as the other two nations, its a very powerful and creative one. Heavily influenced by religion over politics, this nation was formed approximately 500 years ago, and only recently opened the doors to travelers.

Locations in Arunafeltz

  • Rachel
  • Veins


An instance is an area, dungeon or field that only you, and party member’s may access for a timed duration. This way no competition for monsters exist. These are generally story based or contain a lot of Boss class monsters.

List of current instances