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Strength or STR.

  • Each point in strength boosts minimum and maximum damage by 1
  • Weight limit by 20
  • Every 10 points adds bonus damage
  • Each point also reduces the chance of being cursed.

Intelligence or INT

  • Each point in intelligence adds damage to magical attack
  • 1% max SP
  • Each point will also add 2 soft magic defense
  • increase how much SP restore items heal for
  • boost brewing success rate slightly
  • Every 6 Int will boost natural SP regeneration by 1
  • every 8 Int will boost max healing of heal skills.
  • Int will also protect you from status ailments such as blind, sleep and chaos.

Dexterity or DEX

  • Each point in dex boosts minimum and maximum damage with bows, guns, instruments and whips by 1
  • Weight limit by 5
  • Every point also adds 1 hit rate
  • Reduces variable cast time
  • Increases steal, disarming, cooking, writting, brewing and smithing success rates
  • Increases attack based on level of weapon used
  • slightly boosts attack speed
  • Every point reduces the chance of an enemy being able to disarm you.

Constitution or CON

  • Each point in constitution adds a maximum 2% max hp
  • 2 soft defence.
  • Reduces the chance of being inflicted with bleeding, curse, poison, stun and silence.
  • Effectiveness of healing items is boosted by 2% per point.
  • Every 5 points boosts HP regeneration by 9.
  • Every point adds 10 max weight limit.

Agility or AGI

  • Every point in agility will boost flee rate by 1
  • Increase attack speed by 0.4%
  • Every point reduces the chance of being inflicted with Stone and hallucination status ailment.

Luck or LUK

  • Each point in luck adds 0.3% crit chance
  • 0.1% perfect dodge
  • Boosts success rate of cooking, writting, brewing and smithing
  • Every 5 luk reduces an enemy’s chance to crit on you by 1%
  • Every 5 luk adds 1 attack
  • Also slightly decreases the chance of a status ailment being inflicted on you


  • HP or Health points, is your maximum life force. If this hits zero, you die and need to respawn at your saved location


  • SP or Spiritual power, is your maximum energy allowing you to use skills

Soft defense and Soft magic defense

are points aquired through vit and int. It is represented in your status window

  • as an example 1+5. the +5 is from having 5 vit, each soft defense is -1 damage from attacks.

Hard defense and Hard magic defense

are points aquired from equipment and cards. It is represented by the first number, so the 1 in the 1+5 example. each hard defense is 1% damage reduction

  • So as another example if you had say 50+60 defense. 50 from armors and 60 from vit. Then you took a hit for 1,000 damage, first the 50 hard defense, or 50% physical reduction kicks in knocking it down to 500. Then the 60 soft defense kicks in knocking it down to 440.

Flee Rate

  • Flee lets you avoid physical attacks higher flee is very important for evasive classes lacking in heavy armor

Hit rate

  • Hit is very self explanitory, increasing your chance to hit the target

Crit rate

  • Crit or Critical is the chance you will inflict a critical blow bypassing enemy defence

Perfect dodge

  • P-Dodge lets you dodge any form of attack with a lucky dodge

Attack Speed

  • ASPD is your attack speed, 190 is the maximum attack speed one can achieve, this about 5 auto attacks a second

Cast Time

  • Cast time is the amount of time needed to cast a spell or skill, this can be reduced with DEX

After Cast

  • After cast is a delay before you can use any skill again


  • During a cooldown period, you can use various skills, just not the skill on cooldown.