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Advancing Class

At various points in the game, you will be able to upgrade your class. Right after the tutorial you are given your first advancement and able to upgrade from novice to any of the first classes. Warrior, Fighter, Thief, Martial Artist, Merchant, Archer, Magician, or Cleric.

Once you achieve a job level of 30 or 31 for those who want an extra skill point, you may seek out a master of your class, an example of this would be a warrior finding a guard captain or knight to become a squire of.

Lastly, once you achieve mastery of your path at job level 40 or 41 for those who want an extra skill point. You may seek out the Valkyrie who will escort you to Valhalla to learn from the heroes and masters of the past how to transcend your limitations and become a more advanced version of your specialized path.

List of Transcended Classes


  • Captain to General
  • Squire to Knight
  • Defender to Guardian
  • Spell Blade to Mage Knight


  • Brawler to Champion
  • Swordsman to Sword Master
  • Barbarian to Berserker
  • Drifter to Mercenary


  • Assassin to Assassin Cross
  • Rogue to Stalker
  • Shadow to Phantom
  • Joker to Trickster

Martial Artist

  • Star Lord to Star Emperor
  • Soul Linker to Soul Ascetic
  • Gunslinger to Sharp Shooter
  • Ninja to Kagerou


  • Blacksmith to Mastersmith
  • Alchemist to Creator
  • Scribe to Author
  • Cook to Chef


  • Hunter to Ranger
  • Bard to Musician
  • Mystic Archer to Arcane Hunter
  • Arbalist to Hawk Eye


  • Wizard to Sorcerer
  • Sage to Summoner
  • Dark Caster to Occultist
  • Dark Collector to Necromancer


  • Priest to Bishop
  • Monk to Exorcist
  • Shaman to Druid
  • Enchanter to Conjurer


  • ??? to ???