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What are cards?

In SOR:O, each and every monster has a very low chance to drop a card of itself. These cards are solidified forms of the creature’s soul granting you its power. You use a card by placing it into an equipment’s open card slot. For example, a Blade[4] has four weapon card slots, and Chainmail[1] has one armor card slot, lastly, a hood[1] has one garment card slot.

Most piece’s of equipment in the Upper headgear, Body armor, Shield, Garment, Footgear, Accessory, and Weapon can obtain up to four slots (Ex Hood[1]. Hood[2]. Hood[3], Hood[4]) However store-bought equipment generally has a low amount of them. Monsters tend to drop additional slotted equipment. If you’re lucky you may find a rare Slot Coupon. Slot coupons come in various grades and allow you to add a slot to a piece of equipment. Cards have some restrictions on what slots in a piece of equipment they can be put into.